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The Silver Cord, Volume 1

49.99 USD
The Silver Cord, Volume 1
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The Silver Cord, Volume 1

49.99 USD
Signed by both Kevin Kelly and Steve Masseroni. 
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Limited copies left. 
First Edition, Paperback 
Full-color, 214 pages
ISBN: 978-1466291867

Caveat: the quality of printing (and some of the artwork) in this first volume is inferior to the quality of printing and artwork in the combined Volumes 1 & 2. This item is primarily for true fans.


For 10,000 years the physical realm of humans and the spiritual realm of angels ran parallel but apart, intersected only in rare cases by a few exceptional beings, such as mystics and shamans. For the last two millennium the angelic realms have been warring among themselves in a battle over the growing power of humans. Some races of angels encourage the growing progress of human culture, while other orders of angels grow increasingly agitated as humans acquire technology that can encroach into their dimensions. In the last 50 years technology has advanced to the point where quantum computing, artificial intelligence and genetic engineering are disrupting this age-old gulf between realms, allowing humans to influence the intangible world once ruled exclusively by angelic species.

Now great wars in heaven are being fought over what to do, while in the far reaches of the realm skirmishes break out as angelic tribes prepare their responses to this disturbance by human technology. Chief among their worries is the coming moment when robots on earth will be smart enough to contain a soul. Only a few spirits will gain the eternal prize desired by all angels: full-sensory embodiment.

The question the angels fight over is; who will get to go?


Silver Cord Characters & Universe: Kevin Kelly, Steve Masseroni
Story: Kevin Kelly, Steve Masseroni, Kiel Murray, Phil Lorin
Script: Kiel Murray, Phil Lorin
Storyboards: Steve Masseroni, Kevin Kelly
Pencils and Inks: Louis Sollune, Steve Masseroni
Colors: Joe Harris, Rafael Rivera, Steve Masseroni
Lettering: Thomas Kraky, Luke Easter
Production: Camille Cloutier
Font Designs: Steve Masseroni
Character Designs: Steve Masseroni, Alex Jaeger, Gus Dizon
3D Models: Steve Masseroni (orthographic designs), Tim Naylor (3D modeling and rigging), Rick Narvarte (posing, lighting and rendering)
Covers Design: Steve Masseroni
Strategy: Rusty Rueff, Ralph Winter